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Live scan fingerprinting is a process used mainly by government agencies to capture fingerprints with a live scan fingerprint machine. This inkless fingerprint machine is usually attached to a computer or laptop to process the live scan.

Live scan fingerprinting is a lot better than traditional ink fingerprinting, which was formerly used as the primary form of fingerprinting. With ink fingerprinting, you dip your fingers in black ink and press them against a paper. Your fingerprint is then scanned and uploaded to the system. This process has lots of quality issues and is not very accurate.

Live Scan

  • No Messy Cleanup
  • Precise Results
  • Less Chance of Rejection
  • Instant & Secure Transmission
  • Fingerprints Remain Secure

Traditional Fingerprinting

  • Over and Under Inking
  • Smearing
  • Greater Chance of Rejection
  • Takes Time to Mail Results
  • Subject to Tampering

Mobile Live Scan Fingerprinting Services

For your convenience, our mobile live scan fingerprinting service is available for groups of 5 people or more. We can travel to your location on a day and time of your choosing.  Please contact our office to schedule our mobile fingerprinting service.

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Live Scan Background Checks

Live Scan is a critical tool for evaluating applicants in many different industries.  It is used to vet security clearances in government jobs, conduct background checks for volunteers helping vulnerable populations, and for pre-employment screening for private employers. Clients even come to us for a personal Live Scan background check purely out of personal curiosity.

Many industries rely on Live Scan, including public sector jobs, banking, and finance.  It is also widely used in real estate, pharmacy, nursing, and insurance. Industries that require professional licensing or certification, or have positions of trust, rely on fingerprinting to help protect the populations that they serve.

FBI FD-258 Fingerprinting

Westland Tax & Insurance Services is also certified by the California Department of Justice to conduct confidential FD-258 fingerprinting.

The FD-258 card is the official fingerprint card produced and approved by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The current version of this card contains the full Privacy Act Statement, as required by the FBI.

The California Department of Justice (CA DOJ) maintains statewide criminal records and processes State of California and FBI fingerprint background checks.  The California Attorney General has more information on FD-258 background checks.

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Tips For Accurate Fingerprinting Results

Digital fingerprinting helps reduce the chances that the FBI will reject your fingerprint submission.  In addition, we suggest you:

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Convenient Identity Verification Services

We provide fast, efficient, and convenient digital fingerprinting services. We accommodate all requests, from an individual needing a background check to local companies with ongoing employee verification needs. We are flexible and willing to go the extra mile for the best results. We realize how busy people are in the workplace and we try to be as discreet, professional and accommodating as possible. Often times we are assisting our clients with sensitive, confidential information and we do so with the utmost discretion and care.

From the FBI to volunteer groups, these services are used as comprehensive means to confirm identity and ensure compliance with guidelines or standards. When Orange County residents require these services, they turn to Westland Tax & Insurance Services. Need to get fingerprinted in OC? Our experienced ink and digital fingerprinting company can satisfy many needs and conduct these services in a fast, friendly manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Live scan fingerprinting has become regulatory for getting into government, finance, banking, or any occupation where the individual is given power or influence over others. In a situation like this, live scan fingerprinting is required to ensure that no criminals are offered these high-valued positions. You only need to go through live scan fingerprinting when there is a direct need to do so.

Different states and countries have specific requirements for you to get a live scan. Most states will request a live scan form before continuing the process. So, you should contact your employees or whoever is requesting your live scan and collect a live scan form from them.

It’s 100 percent electronic. You no longer need to stress about getting ink on your fingers or struggle to wash the ink out. With live scan, fingerprint scanning is fast and inkless. This is why some institutes use live scans for identity verification and biometrics security.

Few fingerprint scans work as fast as live scans.  Once the scan is complete, we rapidly transmit your print to the requesting agency, or we mail the fingerprint in a tamper-proof envelope.

For background checks processed by the California Department of Justice, it takes about three business days for them to process the scan and return the results.

Your fingerprints are cross-checked against government databases to find any record of criminal behavior.

Personal Service You Can Trust

FBI live scans are available for US Citizens and Permanent Residents for personal review and correction purposes, work or residence in a foreign country, travel, or legal procedures.

Need multiple ink fingerprint cards? Perfect solution for businesses that need licensing in multiple states. Westland Tax & Insurance Services has the perfect solution – we fingerprint you electronically one time and print out as many FD-258 fingerprint cards as necessary. Do you need to mail fingerprint cards to become licensed in several states? Contact Westland Tax & Insurance Services today for this new efficient digital fingerprint service.

Westland Tax & Insurance Services is Certified By the FBI and CA DOJ

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