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Westland Tax & Insurance Services is authorized to notarize many types of documents, including:

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Preparing For Your Appointment

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Please come prepared with the following:

  • The document to be notarized
  • Picture identification (refer to list of acceptable IDs)
  • All parties involved must be present
  • Notary payment fee
Please have all parties complete all fields in the document to be notarized except the signature field. Do not sign the document in advance. The document must be signed by all parties in the presence of the notary.

Accepted Picture Identification

California Code 1185(b) requires that we verify all identities with a valid document or a document that has not expired more than five years ago.  Acceptable forms of picture identification are:

  • Passport issued by United States Department of State
  • California Department of Motor Vehicles driver’s license or identity card
  • Driver’s license or identity card issued by another U.S. state or issued by an official Canadian or Mexican public agency
  • U.S. Armed Forces issued identity card
  • Identity card issued by a tribal government
  • An identification document from a consular from your country of residency
  • Identity card issued by the Department of Corrections or a sheriff’s department


California requires that all documents by notarized in person.

Please contact us if you have questions or concerns.

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We Offer Many Notary Services

This is arguably the most popular type of notarization. The notary officer is called to witness the signing of a legal document and confirm the identity of the people signing it. The notary officer also gives a legal validation of the document and verifies its authenticity. It is mainly used for contract signing.

Jurats are also needed to validate documents. Once the document has been authenticated, an oath is sworn in the presence of the notary officer to signify its validation. Jurats cannot be completed without swearing an oath.

Signature Witnesses – the most common 

Just as the name implies, a copy certificate is a photocopy of an official document. As a photocopy, it still needs to be verified by a notary officer to certify that it is a genuine copy of the original. It also makes the photocopy legally binding.

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